Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 566: Vast Civilization

Gu Nan disappeared again.

He was like one of those famous assassins in history who made a big splash with one assassination and then vanished from everyone’s sight.

Of course, with his status as a grand Unified Dao powerhouse, being an assassin was a bit below his station.

But on the other hand, if the assassination target was a greater god, this seemed to have become a glorious achievement instead.

The death of a greater god had only ever happened in large-scale wars at the Unified Dao level before. At least three or four people of the same level must target the greater god to succeed, such as the earlier Divine Wars or the previous ambush by Lu Wen, Jiu Po, and Gu Nan.

Nobody had ever seen a greater god die at the hands of a single person.

However, Rolensia, the Ruler of Luxuriant Blossoms, died at Gu Nan’s hands, yet Gu Nan was the only one in that ambush, and he succeeded in a very short amount of time!

The result of this battle caused a simultaneous uproar in both worlds. After all, it was related to the fall of a greater god, so no one dared to take it lightly.

On the other hand, the Great War between the two worlds had just begun, but two greater gods had already been killed one after another. This was also a blow to the gods’ morale.

Everyone knew that the Great War was essentially a war between the greater gods and Unified Dao cultivators.

No matter how many normal gods and Star Rulers there were, they would not have any impact on the upper echelon’s battles. It’s just that once a war breaks out, whoever strikes first will be at a disadvantage.

But even setting aside the situation in the frontlines, two greater gods in the rear had already died. What were they still fighting for?

The dark clouds of defeat started to gather over the World of Gods.


"You still haven’t found him yet?" Both Austin and Dark Lady Daisy had grave expressions when they met—because even now, they had yet to find Gu Nan's whereabouts.

Daisy shook her head slightly. "We’ve been looking for him ever since he disappeared that day. There has been no fluctuation in the dimensional wall, and he hasn’t returned to the Myriad Heavens. If he is not hiding in the gap between the two worlds, then he must still be hiding in some corner of the World of Gods."

Although she talked about two possibilities, Daisy was obviously more inclined towards the latter.

After all, the gap between the two worlds was too small. It wasn’t like they didn’t search there, but naturally, they found nothing.

Here, it must be said that the Gap World’s location was indeed very remote. If Gu Nan had not discovered Daoist Yellow Springs first back then, he might not have been able to find the Origin World even if he searched nonstop for a year or two.

It wasn’t that no one had ever explored the gap between the two worlds, but from ancient times to the present, only Daoist Yellow Springs discovered the location of the Origin World. This could not be explained by luck.

Austin also agreed with Daisy's point of view. He had some experience with Gu Nan's stealth abilities.

He believed that Gu Nan must be hiding in some corner of the World of Gods, secretly licking his wounds and waiting for the moment his injuries completely recovered. Then, he would continue to hunt greater gods.

Austin felt that this day would not be far away.


But Austin was about to be disappointed, because when Gu Nan's consciousness awakened, he had already arrived in the Gap World, which Lu Wen referred to as the Origin World.

The first thing that caught Gu Nan's eyes was the boundless starry sky, which was somewhat similar to the Milky Way Galaxy in his memory.

Gu Nan didn't study astronomy in his past life, and he couldn't discern his location from the celestial bodies’ relative positions, but after his consciousness awakened, he successfully got in touch with his main body.

Just as he expected, even the Evil God physique was severely damaged by the combined attacks of four top-tier greater gods.

"Rolensia is still Rolensia." Gu Nan couldn't help secretly shaking his head. He also didn't expect Rolensia to be so decisive, determined to drag him into the water even if it meant giving up all chances of her own survival.

After all, a greater god-level God of Luxuriant Blossoms was also an extremely rare situation in the game.

And the "darkness" from the Dark Lady left countless debuffs on his body, significantly delaying the self-healing process.

Only after the power of these laws was expelled could his body return to normal, so Gu Nan wasn’t in a hurry and simply waited patiently here.

Thus, he discovered a vast civilization in the distance not far from his will.

"Coincidence?" Gu Nan raised his eyebrows slightly but soon came to his senses.

His will had been floating in the sea of stars for an unknown amount of time. This kind of floating was not random. On the contrary, it would be attracted to locations where a large number of living beings gathered. In fact, he was the one who came to their door.

However, even if he could find civilizations by floating freely like this, if it wasn’t due to luck, then it could only mean one thing—his consciousness had probably stayed in the Origin World for a long time.

"What a pity." Gu Nan couldn't help shaking his head a little. If he’d been slumbering for over a hundred years, perhaps the Great War outside would have already ended, and his arrangements on Earth had probably all gone to waste.

For those at Unified Dao Realm, time really was quite a useless concept. Their existence in the world was too monumental, and influencing laws with their mere will alone definitely wasn’t an exaggeration.

But it was useless to have these thoughts now. After his consciousness awakened, it would only take a few months at most for his body to repair itself. Gu Nan began to turn his attention to the vast civilization below.

This civilization was indeed very powerful, developing to an extent that not even Gu Nan had ever seen before.

Using terms from his previous life, this civilization spanned at least three galaxies, had transformed and controlled over 60 administrative planets, and possessed a large number of uninhabitable resource planets, all of which were continuously delivering supplies to the civilization.

There was definitely no civilization of comparable size in the Myriad Heavens. There weren’t many galaxy-type planes to begin with, and it was even less likely that such an enormous one existed.

Even Milky Way Heaven only concentrated a large number of people in the center of the plane and had no more than twenty administrative planets.

More importantly, Gu Nan sensed a familiar energy inside the civilization—this familiarity did not stem from acquaintances, but from cultivation realm.

There were people at the same Unified Dao Realm as him here.

Gu Nan descended without much hesitation. In any case, he was just a strand of will. At most, he could use some laws, and he was also not afraid of being attacked.

As soon as Gu Nan entered the civilization’s territory, three wills immediately rose from the center of the territory and quickly headed towards this side.

Just a moment later, three figures appeared before Gu Nan.

These three were dressed somewhat similarly. They all wore Daoist robes. An old man in the middle was wearing a Daoist crown, with a strange dragon-fish pattern embroidered on his chest. His expression was peaceful.

On either side of him was a man and a woman respectively. The man had his hair loose and an apathetic look on his face, as if he had no interest in Gu Nan whatsoever.

The woman's robe was pristine. Her hair was tied neatly behind her head, and her eyes were sharp.

Three Unified Dao cultivators!

“This old Daoist is Xian He. I greet Daoist Friend.” The old man performed a strange courtesy and directly conveyed his will to Gu Nan without speaking at all.

They all sensed the Saint level aura and rushed here. But judging from the way the other party was waiting calmly, there shouldn't be any ill intentions.

“My name is Gu Nan.” Gu Nan also conveyed the message with his will, “I am… an interstellar wanderer.”

Chapter 566: Vast Civilization
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