Banished to Another World
Banished to Another World

Banished to Another World

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Banished to Another World novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Yi Ren Bei. 664 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


A miracle doctor is exiled to an alternate savage world and forced to change his scummy ways!

Having thoroughly offended God, Yan Mo’s soul was transmigrated to another world. He quickly understood the cruelty of this world he’s in. The reason he was hit unconscious by someone and brought back to his home, was to be that primitive man’s food reserves in winter. The tribe he is in is a super spartan primitive tribe, the people here only respect two things: Combat power! Fighting ability! The former is the fighting power in battles, the latter is…


Examine illness? Chinese medicine? Drink those bitter sandy things? The hell is that? Are you trying to murder our tribe’s warrior? Die!

Plant wheat? Raise pigs and chickens? We are warriors, not s*aves! Die!

Teaching the women to make clothes and cook? Make them soap and perfume? F*ck, he’s actually seducing our women! Die!

You’re a messenger of god? Here to lead us to a better life? Very well. We’ll give you one day, conquer all of our enemies, make them into sl*ves and bring them back. If you can’t, you’re dead!

Yan Mo: “……”

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  • Vyce 2

    OK so the tags ARE messed up but it's NOT the fetishized trauma p*rn you'd think, nor are the power dynamics unequivically scuffed (1 instance of get back is when MC just kills his partner like 15 times! ON SIGHT in an amnesia genjutsu time loop and ML was just like Touche and also F*ck You! AGAIN?!) I swear once MC escapes being ML's slave (which happens pretty early) the dynamic is funny af; they're just SO ready to kill each other AND build a life together. Outmanoeuvring the other whilst being a total power couple, two b*st*rds in love FTW! Nah the REAL toxic partner is the MC's ABUSIVE POS System. ALL THE HATE FR So imo the tags are just the equivalent of saying This is Rated R so there's violence. Like there's mainstream love interests out there who have more red flags than my barbarian boy and they don't even have the excuse of being raised in an uncivilised society. Oh and the M-preg is more like cabbage patch kids mixed with literal brain child.

    Edited: 4mo
  • Lordmango 1

    It was fine that m.c got r*p*d in beginning because he was a slave and too week to defend himself as it's all about barbarians and stone age time but then about 100 chapters mc start to take it as pleasure or fun whatever i got a beat that i should stop hear or i am gona become ediot.. if u think it's fine read and share ur own opinion I don't care but this is my opinion i can't read much of this sh*t 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

  • VanillaSunshine 1

    The sypnosis is very interesting makes me wanna read but then... i backed out at the rape... I love yaoi but I'm not a fan of forcing the other into sexual things

  • lnwUser55851 2

    imagine two barbarians both men making love :))

  • Dxvamps 3

    Yeah. Two boys

  • ErebosGDS 10

    Like dude when do you have the time to right this?

  • lnwUser70858 1

    I loved this novel for the first 500~600 chapters, then It got a bit ripetitive

  • lnwUser83504 1

    Bro, I don't think these tags could get any more degenerate. Actually, no, it's missing one thing: furry.

  • lnwUser75083 1

    Se irão ler esse romance vocês devem jogar toda e qualquer moral fora no subconsciente de suas mentes, esqueça o senso comum pq não irá precisar disso aqui. Estejam cientes que esse é um romance lento ( só o romance, pq o resto é foda demais para vocês não lerem ). Oq mais me chamou atenção é a construção do mundo e a maneira que cultivam seu poder, é INCRÍVEL 10/10 O começo é realmente nauseante ( para alguns ) e inquietante porém, é só os primeiros capítulos depois vai melhorando muito no requisito "comportamento animalesco" Estejam ciente que tem canibalismo, mais somente é forte no começo😈hihihi o MC não é flor que se cheire🤐o ML é até o considero descente, considerando o mundo em que vivem e a ideologia deles MAIS não se enganem hihihi eles são escórias, escórias que ficam muito bem juntos😏No futuro eles serão um casal viril e OP😎Resumindo... esse romance não é pros FRACOS de coração🤭Vale muito a pena ler até o fim ~ devem ler até cap 100 no mínimo

  • Dexvo 2

    look i know everyone is talking anout the tags but what the actual f*** dude mpreg and manly gay couple i was interested at first but nope ain't happening