City of Witches
Chapter 211: Protection (1)

༺ Protection (1) ༻


Siwoo and Sharon mixed their bodies until sunrise.

At dawn, the dark night disappeared as sunlight seeped through the gaps of the curtain, announcing the start of the morning.

In total, they did five rounds.

As they went on, the gap between each of their ejaculations became longer than the previous ones.

After the long makeout sessions, it was unthinkable that his rod could still stand tall and proud, even though he hadn’t taken any aphrodisiac prior to this.

The reason for that was…Sharon’s after-service.


Siwoo sprawled out of the bed, exhausted.

Meanwhile, Sharon was sitting down in front of his crotch, thoroughly cleaning his cock from the semen and love juices that were stuck in it with her mouth.

At this point, she had stopped caring about how the salty, fishy liquid spread inside her mouth anymore. She just put in all her concentration to thoroughly tracing his cock, from the top of its glans down to the base of the rod with her tongue.

There was a hint of exhaustion in her eyes as she did that, but at the same time, they looked so full of life.

Meanwhile, Siwoo looked as if all his energy had been sucked off him.


After she was done cleaning off the cock, she held it with her hand before going down to his balls to lick them the same through cleaning.

With this kind of after-service, even if he was exhausted, Siwoo couldn’t help but feel aroused again.

“It got bigger again…”

In truth, this wasn’t the only time this happened.

This also happened after their third and fourth round.

After Siwoo ejaculated and the thought ‘I can’t go on anymore!’ came up in his mind, Sharon crawled down his crotch and rejuvenated his cock.

She even said something like, ‘I’ll get it to stand up again with my mouth~’ with a seductive voice.

Indeed, she was just like a walking aphrodisiac.

“Let’s stop it for now. The twins are going to wake up soon.”

“What? No…I want more…”

“Before we started the last round, you said that it would be the last one.”

In truth, Sharon was also as exhausted as him.

She had just popped her cherry today, and throughout all that, she ejaculated ten times in total. If she was any normal woman, it wouldn’t be strange if she fainted midway.

But, the prospect of mingling her body with Siwoo’s encouraged her to go on.

The pleasure that made her twist her body, and made her lose her mind every time she climaxed, left her yearning for more.

There was also the sense of accomplishment she felt as she managed to slowly restore her unresponsive brand that made her forget of her own fatigue.

And more than anything, she didn’t want to let him go.

“But, look at it…it’s gotten bigger again! Don’t you think it’s a shame—”

“No means no.”

“Ugh…fine, let’s wrap it up then…”

She gave a final kiss to his glans and stood up.

Both their bodies were covered in sweat, a testament to how rigorous their making out session had gone.

Siwoo’s back was filled with nail marks that Sharon left whenever she was having an orgasm, while Sharon’s crotch was covered in semen that had turned watery due to how many times Siwoo ejaculated inside.

And of course, the bed was in a worse state than them.

The bed sheet had turned into a mess, wetted by the mix of sweat, semen and love juices.

They didn’t even realize that the blanket had fallen down to the floor at one point, and one of the pillows had gone missing.

“Ugh, it looks so swollen…”

Sharon said as she stroked her lower lips that had become swollen from all the actions.

Seeing this, Siwoo…

“Let me take a look.”

…Sad that in jest

“What are you on about?! You already saw it all night long…!”

Sharon retorted in embarrassment.

The mood was different now.

Earlier, she didn’t even look a little bit shameful as she lusted over his body like a bitch in heat…

Now that the lustful atmosphere had gone, every single little thing made her squirm in embarrassment.

But Siwoo wouldn’t be a man if he gave up after only this much.

So, he pressed on.

“But, I really want to see it…”

“…Really? Do you want to see it that badly?”

“Yes, of course. When we had sex I couldn’t even see it clearly because you kept moving around…”

“Ugh…whatever, just do whatever you like!”

Sharon pouted and leaned on the bed, her legs wobbly as she stood.

Then, she awkwardly spread her legs before thrusting her hips backwards, giving him a full view of her pussy.

“C-Can you see it now…?”

Though he was the one who asked for it, Siwoo didn’t expect that she was willing to give in this easily.

Never in his wildest dream did he expect that she’d ever let him see her soiled pussy like this, but here he was, finding himself in that exact situation.

And so, he crouched down, trying to see it from an angle where he could directly see her fully erect clit that had been soiled with his semen and her own love juices.

With her spreading out the skin around her pussy with her hands, he was able to enjoy the spectacle clearly and easily.

Just like what she said, her pussy was swollen and covered with his overflowing semen that looked like whipped cream.

The thick lips on the entrance were the same as before, the thin ones below it looked visibly swollen as it was covered by semen and love juices.

It was such a picturesque scene, he had a strong urge to take a picture of it.

Considering that he was the one who created all this, it made him puff his chest with pride.


“Alright, that’s it! Stop staring at it! Let’s clean up now!”

After that, they tidied up the bed and got dressed.

Thankfully, they could use magic to do most of the work because cleaning the mess up without it would definitely give them a massive headache.

After they both took a light shower, it was already morning.


As the morning came, came also the coffee time.

With two cups of coffee sitting between them, Siwoo and Sharon surmised the events that had transpired yesterday.

Well, normally when it came to an important conversation between a man and a woman, they usually revolved around one of three things, sex, marriage and pregnancy, but in their case, there was something that was a little complicated involved.

“So, how much of your brand was restored?”

“Well, ‘restored’ isn’t the right way to put it. It’s just, previously they were unresponsive to everything, and now they react when I pour some mana to them.”

It was revealed that Siwoo was able to restore Sharon’s incomplete brand.

Originally, he thought that his rod was just an artifact that was able to amplify mana at certain conditions, but never did he realize that it was actually an A+ rank artifact that was even able to restore an incomplete brand.

“Incomplete brand is deemed to be something that is almost impossible to restore. Throughout the centuries, such a case only appeared five times, that’s why barely anyone conducted any research on it. I really was considering giving up on restoring it…”

Which meant that his A+ rank artifact managed to accomplish an unprecedented thing.

‘Damn, buddy, you did a good job.’

He thought as he gave it a light pat.

In truth, even after hearing her explanation, Siwoo was still having mixed feelings toward the situation.

He didn’t feel like he had done anything grand at all. To him, this was just a bonus effect that he discovered by chance.

“Starting today, I’m going to put on more effort in my research! Really, thank you so much! From now on, I should be able to figure things out myself! Just the fact that I can access the unresponsive strokes is already a great boon! Well, it will take a long time to restore everything, but at least I can see a clear way out! All thanks to you!”

“But, I didn’t even do anything…”

“Oh, you did! You made me the happiest I’ve ever been since I was born! Doesn’t that amount to something?”


She didn’t say anything else.

Then again, she didn’t need to, not after showing such a look on her face.

A smile bloomed on her face, her eyes were looking at him lovingly.

As they made eye contact, Sharon moved her legs that were hidden under the table, purposely touching his legs and gave them a little shake.


Before he realized it, he already averted his gaze.

He could hear his pounding heart in his ears.

Everything felt unreal to him.

Sharon possessed this otherworldly beauty that would intimidate him from even approaching her if he hadn’t visited Gehenna prior to this.

And such a beauty was living together with him…and even having a sex with him…

It still felt unreal that he was able to witness her face melted in pleasure, not to mention that he also coated every single wrinkle of her vagina with his semen.

“Siwoo, your face is red~”

“Shut it.”

Sharon let out a giggle before putting a biscuit inside her mouth.

-Ding dong!

At that moment, the bell suddenly rang.

It was Deneb, looking so haggard because she had to deal with the aftermath of the previous incident overnight.

Her once shiny white hair had lost its shine, making it look dull.

Even her usual graceful demeanor disappeared as she gave off a sloppy atmosphere.

Perhaps smelling the scent of coffee wafting through the house, she immediately asked for a cup of coffee.

“Haah…is there any coffee left?”

“Yes, should I make it for you?”

“Please do.”

When she entered, she checked on the twins, who were still sleeping soundly. Only after that did she plop her body on the couch.

Her white hair scattered like fallen snow.

“Are you okay? You look exhausted…”

Siwoo, who brought the coffee to her, asked worriedly.

“Yeah, a little… I just spent too much mana, nothing big. Had to hypnosis thousands of people, and had to heal them afterwards too. Honestly, I want to get back to my hotel room and sleep immediately, but I want to check up on the twins…also I have something to tell you…”

She looked extremely exhausted, but she still had the strength to receive the coffee from Siwoo’s hands and gave him her thanks.

As for Sharon…facing her debtor, she could only stand stiffly behind Siwoo, trying to elude Deneb’s sights.

“Phew…that feels so much better.”

“I’ll get you another cup if you want some more.”

“No, this is enough, I need to go quickly anyway.”

The coffee brought some life back in her purple eyes.

“When I treated the survivors, they talked about you.”


“Well, to be exact, they’re talking about someone who went around, beating up the monsters while looking for survivors in that building. That was you, wasn’t it?”


“Hundreds of people survived thanks to you, and you did an excellent job prioritizing destroying the Dagon’s Flute over anything else. You should feel more at ease after knowing this now.”

Hearing her words, he started to feel emotional.

‘I thought…I was unable to save them…’

‘I thought…it was a futile struggle…’

‘But…they survived…I…saved them…’

“But there’s a problem with this. I wasn’t the only one who heard of this matter. At least within the Witch Point, your presence is already known. A male witch clads in black armor…”

This time, his face stiffened.

There were some witches who already knew of his existence, sure.

Countess Gemini, Sharon, the twins, Yebin, Amelia, Sophia, Della and Duchess Tiphereth, all of them knew about him.

‘Huh, now that I think about it, quite a few people know about me already…’


‘Now more people know, and I have to be even more careful…’

Just like what Deneb had said, the fact that he became more well-known could cause some trouble.

Now he had to be on the lookout because the witches and the Exiles might recognize him if he were to take a stroll around the town.

“Calm down. It is indeed a problem, but you have nothing to worry about.”

“…How so? No matter how much I think about it, I can only think of the bad things that would come out of this…”

“Duchess Tiphereth, the Witch Point’s Branch Manager, Sua Agatha, and myself, the representative of the Gemini Household vouched for you. From now on, you’ll be recognized as a citizen of Gehenna.”


“The Duchess especially stressed the point that anyone who would bring harm to you will be recognized as a public enemy. If anything, your situation has significantly improved from before.”

‘What? The Duchess did what…?’

“Our Gemini Household is unable to protect you completely, but now that the Duchess has vouched for you, the situation changes. Because no sane witches would be willing to offend the Duchess just to satisfy their meager curiosity.”

Like she said, things would be better for him than it used to be.

Because he didn’t need to hide his identity anymore.

But, he was still feeling doubtful.

Would the Duchess’ name be enough to restrain their desire to satisfy their curiosities about the ‘world’s first male witch’?

Such anxiety lingered in his heart.

“I know my words won’t be enough to quell your worries, that’s why I brought her here. Why don’t you have a chat with the person herself directly?”

-Ding dong!

As soon as Deneb finished speaking, the sound of the doorbell echoed through the room.

Chapter 211: Protection (1)
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