Divine Emperor of Death
Divine Emperor of Death

Divine Emperor of Death

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Divine Emperor of Death novel is a popular light novel covering Eastern Fantasy, Fantasy, and Romance genres. Written by the Author Stardust_Breaker. 3568 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Tian Long, an orphan without much of a life in both his thirty year long life and lifespan!
To him, a single opportunity was displayed to transmigrate into another world with his Death Book!
"What's this? Is this the body of a three year old? Davis? Is this my name from now on?"
Finding himself possessing a small child, he becomes inwardly conflicted before he faces the truth and his reality!
Young Davis finds himself as the legal heir, the Crown Prince of the Loret Empire in the Grand Sea Continent, becoming a powerful cultivator in a short time...
However, is that all?
Follow his journey as Young Davis becomes a full fledged death's advocate while embodying into the Divine Emperor of Death in the world of cultivation!
"Mn? The route to become the Emperor is a given? Nah, I still don't want it..."
"Oh? I'm courting death you say? Unfortunately for you, death is already my woman..."

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  • ReBack 10

    Advise a romance novel with R-18 and *nc*st. Without any subjugation, mind manipulation, etc. preferably a good plot. From what I've read: — Vampire's Slice of Life — My Three Wife a Beautiful Vampire — The Conquerors Path — The Omnistore System (Stopped reading)

  • VellerCruz 3

    Honestly, I'm already fed up with this rubbish problem that has more than 3,500 chapters, hand over that garbage and the story is continuing. At this point, they already seem like b*tch*s from the World Master.

    • Bikramaditya 3

      What garbage are you referring .. Are they all in heaven, any progress on origin of that book till now?


    Divine Emperor of Death;❌ Divine Emperor of Harem:✅

  • Prashant60 1

    Nothing like this I have read before This is the best novel

  • lnwUser57168 1

    On which platform does the author publish? Does he take your comments into consideration?

  • TrueApocalypse 1

    How close is this to ending

  • Frits77 1

    Needs a Rape and NTR tag. If you don't like that stuff I suggest you skip this one, so you don't waste your time like me...

    • Celestial_Degenerate 6

      my guy as far as i read this (3k chapters) there is nothing like rape or ntr involved so idk what the hell u've readed

    • Josiah626 34

      Rape? NTR? What have you been reading?

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  • X201 3

    Hmmm. Been reading for quite some time now and I guess, it's time for me to drop this talisman here. Overall quality of the novel is "okay", I guess? It kinda annoying for me at the start since he's like happy go lucky MC but still a good find to pass time.

  • HelloWorld99 6

    Should be renamed to Divine Emperor of Hoodwinking

  • avatarboy 2

    ok I tried for 30-40 chapters but this is not for me man.