Fated to Be Loved by Villains
Chapter 148: Invitation (1)

༺ Invitation (1) ༻

“…You alive?”


‘No response…it’s a corpse…’

Talion Armand scratched his head, surveying the catastrophe that had unfolded in front of him.

Those who had been grouped with him in the same team were barely breathing, their bodies strewn around him.

As freshmen from Elfante, most of them would have been somewhat confident in their own abilities.

That was why…

Seeing to how they rushed in, outnumbering the opponent 5 to 1, yet still were annihilated within 2 seconds, it would be normal for their pride to be scratched deeply


But witnessing such a scene only evoked a sense of futility instead.

A radius of several dozen square meters had been transformed into charred remains.

By just standing there, that woman had created this spectacle without seeking the aid of a staff or any other tools.

What she had done was the equivalent of a knight fighting bare-handed.

‘…This is basically on par with Senior Brother, isn’t it?’

He had witnessed someone annihilating an Ancient God in a single blow, but the Spell Mastery exhibited by the woman in front of him seemed to be comparable to that feat.

The manifestation of spells through the use of Special Powers was something any student of Elfante could do.

And the common law applying to all these Special Powers was ‘the longer you gather, the stronger it becomes’.


This whole thing was caused by a spellshot that was charged for merely two seconds.

If she were to slowly stand, prepare a chant for a long while, and slowly infuse mana like typical students of the Magic School, just how powerful would the spell become?

“…Are you really a First-Year student like us?”

Even Iliya was way too overwhelming as a comparison as someone who was in the same year as them, and there was this monster…

To that question, Faenol let out a faint smile as she brushed her head back.

“Will you continue?”

“No, I give up. In the first place, the gap between us is too great.”

Talion stroked the trembling Ice Tiger cub clinging to his head as he said that. The poor thing was clearly terrified of Faenol.

He didn’t feel like reproaching it for being a scaredy-cat. After all, this was the same cub that spread a curtain of ice before his eyes, preventing him from ending up in a miserable state like his classmates.

“I didn’t only shoot my mana back then, so you don’t need to feel too bad.”

“…Excuse me?”

“There was something I wanted to try. I wanted to see how much of it I could control.”

Before the bewildered Talion, Faenol quietly calmed her racing heart.


Her chest was clearly trembling.

It had been a long time since she last touched it, but since her emotions were slowly awakening one by one, she had lightly unleashed that power.

And the result of that was satisfying.

‘…I managed to control it.’

Before, even the slightest use of this power led to her going berserk.

Her assumptions were correct.

The more she recovered her emotions, the more she could control the Devil’s Power that forcibly sustained her life.

And, the more she fell for that man, the more the Red Devil came under her control.

Which meant…

If she finally ‘fell’ completely for that man…

‘…I can…rest.’

There was not much time left…

Until she laid down everything she had carried thus far…

And entered an eternal rest…

While she was lost in such thoughts, the Ice Tiger cub attached to Talion’s head began to whimper.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. We don’t need to fight anymore. Don’t be too scared.”

As Talion gently comforted it by stroking its head, Faenol spoke with a sigh.

“It is a decent Mana Life Form.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Talion responded to her with reluctance, but that was a sincere remark from her.

She could see how perspective the life form was.

Even at the moment, it wasn’t just scared of her, rather, it was wary of her after sensing what was ‘inside’ her.

And, most importantly…

“You two would make quite a good match if it grows bigger.”

“…Excuse me?”

“You are a spear user aren’t you?”

The combination of a spear and a mount had proven its might in countless ancient battles.

A spearman mounting on a grown Ice Tiger would undoubtedly be a formidable force.

“You two would make quite a competitive pairing for the upcoming ‘Hero Selection’.”

“…Excuse me?”

Talion asked in utter confusion.

Hero Selection? He had never even heard of such an event.

In the first place, the title of Hero itself carried a significant responsibility, often referred to as the hope of humanity.

Only those individuals who had ceaselessly proven their worth across the entire continent and had been unanimously deemed worthy by all superpowers, receiving their stamp of approval saying ‘This person is the right one!’, were granted the privilege to bear such a title.

And currently, there was no human who had grown to such a level, so the position of Hero was vacant.


They were going to just ‘select’ one, out of the blue? What was happening?

Wasn’t the feeling conveyed from that sentence as if they were reluctantly placing someone in the position because there was a situation where they had ‘no choice’ but to do so?

“Well, I suppose you shall find out soon enough.”

Faenol smirked and continued speaking.

“You see, it will probably be because of me that such an event will soon occur.”


“I just thought it would be better for you to know in advance.”


“After all, if I let you know, it seems like it would be more helpful to the ‘Hero Candidate’ that man will support during the selection. I have a feeling that the Heretic Inquisition and the Holy Land will undoubtedly try to oppose him or keep him in check.”

He did not understand a single word that she just spoke.

Talion scratched his head in bewilderment.

“…I don’t understand what you’re trying to say, but thank you for complimenting this little one.”

In the end, Talion decided to just respond within the limits of his understanding.

As he spoke with a grimace, the Ice Tiger cub began to whimper again.

“…I told you, we’re not fighting, okay? Seriously, why are you like this?”

Talion chuckled wryly as he stroked it.

He had truly thought it wasn’t a scaredy-cat. But perhaps, he might have to retract that—


However, before he could even finish that thought…

Faenol blurted that word out, dazed.

After all, she, too, had sensed what the Ice Tiger had ‘felt’ just now.

Then, Faenol whipped her head around, almost as if snapping it, looking beyond the slope where Dowd was located.


Shortly after, her face paled as she muttered.

“…Eh? Where are you going? The exam is still—!”

Though Talion tried to stop her, seeing her urgently turn around…

“That’s not what’s important right now. I need to go to that man immediately!”

“…What? Do you mean Senior Brother?”

Of course. There was no other man beside him.

Because, from what she could sense…

“…There’s someone who shouldn’t be here.”

“Excuse me?”

“A being who shouldn’t even exist in the first place!”

At least, as long as the laws of the world functioned properly…

The aura she was feeling was undoubtedly from a being that should not exist.

Burning ice. Frozen lava. It was like an impossible combination of such contradictory words.

And the presence of such a being…

Was felt very, very close to where Dowd was.

One thing I was reminded of once again.

Eleanor had unexpectedly low defenses when it came to everything that involved romance.

And it was especially so when there were eyes around, watching; She became several times more susceptible.


As the half-dead Brix uttered a strange groan after getting beaten the shit out of by me, Eleanor twirled her hair around her fingers, her body twisting awkwardly.

I could see that inside, she was fiercely torn between the pleasant feelings from hearing such words and the thought that she didn’t come here for this.

“…A-Are you, by any chance, trying to coax me again with those words?”

This time, it seemed that the latter prevailed.

Despite her flushed face and stammering speech, the result of the match was clear from words Eleanor had brought up.

However, as I mentioned before…

Her defenses in this area were quite weak.

So what if she managed to withstood it once?

“Rather than trying to coax you, it was more like my body just naturally reacted.”


“Where in the world would someone be happy to see someone they cherish treated like a convenient tool?”

Let’s see if she could do it the second time.

Now, would she still not gonna fall for this?

“…B-But still, w-why would you say things like m-me being y-your woman in front of everyone…?”

Eleanor mumbled timidly.

Considering the distance to the stands from here, almost no one could hear anyway, making me think she was worrying for no reason. But at the same time…

“You are my woman, aren’t you?”

This was my chance to attack.

Let’s see if she could take a third hit from me.

How about that? Still not gonna fall for it?


Eleanor looked like she was at a loss for words, glaring at me with her mouth wide open.

Was it not enough?

Fine, I’ll add another one.

“No matter who out of the entire world appears before me, I can boldly say that Eleanor is my woman.”

“…Y-You are r-really…”

“If possible, I’d like to declare it to the whole world. This person is my fiance. I’m the luckiest man in the—”

Before I could finish, a fist slammed into my torso.

It was a precisely aimed liver shot.


As I collapsed to the ground without even a chance to cry out, Eleanor uttered a sentence, shaking with trembling fists.

“Y-You should r-really learn some d-dignity!”

Then you could have just said so!

Was it really necessary to punch someone so hard they saw stars?!



[I miss my good man, the Boy King. Why is he sleeping right now? This is the perfect moment for an applause—]

‘Shut up.’

Enduring the excruciating pain enveloping my body, I turned my head.

Fortunately, Eleanor seemed to have momentarily paused the dogshit act she put her very soul into, as well as the onslaught driven by a bizarre demand she wanted me to fulfill.

Then, there was definitely someone who should ‘react’ by now.

‘…Come out.’

With that thought, I focused my gaze towards the podium where the Chancellor was sitting.

There was one well-known rumor in the Empire’s social circles.

Chancellor Sullivan was not on good terms with the Tristan Duchy.

The most powerful individuals among the nobles affiliated with the Anti-Chancellor Faction were the Kendride Margraviate and the Tristan Duchy. They were the reason why the Empire hadn’t been entirely devoured by her.

Even though the Chancellor had swallowed most of the state’s power, the Empress could still maintain a semblance of authority because of these actions.

Thus, Sullivan and the Tristan Duchy were arch-enemies in the original game, always at each other’s throats.

In essence…

If I showed that there was such a strong connection between Eleanor and me, it was highly likely that she would react in some way.

Right as I thought this, a window appeared before my eyes.

Finally, the reaction that I expect—

System Message

[ Target ‘Sullivan’ feels intense rage! ]

[ Marked with Negative Tendency! ]

[ 1 Stack of Negative Marks! ]

[ Rewards Available! ]

[ Skill: Evil Ruler has been activated! Obtained 1 command right over the target! ]

[ This character has a significant influence on the scenario! Interaction with this individual will change all subsequent quests! ]

[ ‘Gift: He Who Touches Pitch Shall Be Defiled Therewith’ meets the conditions for enhancement! ]


As soon as I saw these contents, my eyes opened wide.

No, like…

I understood that she’d be angry.

But if my memory was correct, this skill….

[ Skill Info ]

Skill: Evil Ruler

Grade: E

Description: Bewitch characters of the good alignment that you have sufficiently influenced. Character under Evil Ruler must do one thing you asked for.

Currently Affected Individuals: Lucia Greyhounder, Sullivan Axion Petronus, Iliya Krisanax

…Was only supposed to apply to individuals of a good alignment.


The Chancellor? Had a Good disposition?

In the game, she significantly contributed to Gideon’s death and played the role of a catalyst in Eleanor going berserk.

Yet she was supposed to be a character of the Good alignment?

‘…What in the world?’

‘What the fuck is happening?’

While I was lost in such thoughts by the sheer incredulity of it all, a ‘golden’ portal opened before me.

It was one of the representative colors of the Petronus Household; You could even say that it was practically the Chancellor’s personal color.


Wait a minute.

To open such a portal with mana stones… You needed mana stones equal to the price of a house… And she was using it just to travel from those stands to here?!

Okay, she was the Chancellor, so I knew that she could do that with ease, but… It made it as if she was in that much of a ‘hurry’.

As if she couldn’t stand it if she were to not intervene at this very moment.

“It’s been a while, Lady Tristan.”

Eleanor hurriedly kneeled as the Chancellor slowly walked out of the portal.

She seemed quite taken aback, which was rather unbecoming of her.

“…I greet Your Excellency.”

In the Empire, there were hardly any people before whom she would need to bow like this, but the Chancellor was an exceptional case even among exceptions.

As such, the Chancellor simply nodded her head without showing much reaction and immediately proceeded to do what she wanted.

Which was…

To lift me from the ground, where I had collapsed…

And tightly pulled me into her embrace.


Eleanor, who was kneeling, jumped up in horror.

It was probably because the action was so unexpected that it even made her forget to maintain her decorum.

“Your Excellency, what is the meaning of…!”

“You truly haven’t changed, have you?”

The Chancellor, quite tall for a woman, almost matched my height, so when she pulled my nape down, my face was buried in her chest immediately.

A soft, squishy sensation enveloped the front of my face.




‘Wait a fucking minute.’

‘What the fuck is this?’

System Message

[ Corruption Value of target ‘Eleanor’ is rapidly increasing! ]

As I struggled in the Chancellor’s embrace, I could see the vitality draining from Eleanor’s eyes, who had been blushing just moments ago.

‘No, wait! I didn’t do anything! Fuck, I feel so wronged right now.’

‘I seriously didn’t do shit to this person…!’

“It was painful, right? Even though you’re not someone who should be subjected to such violence.”


“You did a great job, Dowd. This is enough for the exam, so just rest now.”

With that…

While in that posture, I heard a voice tinged with sticky ‘kindness’.

‘…What the fuck?’

‘What the hell is going on?’

This situation was way too strange, I genuinely couldn’t understand what was going on!

If she was a Devil’s Vessel, then I could somewhat understand. After all, all of them would take a liking to me without showing any signs nor care for any plot holes and plausibility.


Why was this person acting like this towards me?

“…Since it has been a while, why don’t we have dinner together, Lady Tristan?”

Still holding me in her embrace, the Chancellor threw such words at Eleanor with a warm smile.

And her tone…

If one was perceptive enough, they would be able to feel the icy killing intent underneath.

Almost as if…

She was facing an opponent who she had to ‘remove’.

“…I have quite a lot I wish to ask about Dowd, you see.”

And that…

Undoubtedly, would instill a chilling hostility in Eleanor’s face, which had already turned expressionless.


I intuitively realized.

‘…Right now, this situation.’

Regarding the system window that popped up, indicating that the Chancellor was enraged…

The target of that rage was not me, but Eleanor.

It seemed the hostility between the Tristan Duchy and her remained the same as the original game.

It wasn’t that she was angry because I was close with the Tristan Duchy, but rather, she was infuriated that the mere Tristan Duchy dared to be ‘close to me’!



‘Why in the world?’

‘Why another bomb…!’

[At the very least, you achieved your objective.]


[I mean, the Chancellor did intervene, so the game has changed. Now that Lady won’t recklessly spend the night together with you. Congrats!]


[Well, I can’t tell what might happen during the dinner, though.]


Stop taunting me with reality!

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Chapter 148: Invitation (1)
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