Chapter 170: Dragon Form

Alex wasn't feeling the physical changes that this flame was bringing to his body, the only thing he felt was that he ate a large amount of energy, and that for some reason the Dragon Slayer Magic was almost begging him to give it up. this energy for this.

Without much place to spend that energy, Alex decided to harness that energy for the new magic he learned.

Every few seconds Alex felt that Dragon Slayer Magic was getting stronger and stronger, to the point that at one point Alex was surprised by the new knowledge that arose in his mind, where he could use the flame he produced with Dragon Slayer Magic to heal others, just like the Phoenix!

'I think the Healing Skill I learned to heal Magneto will now be useless?' Alex thought with a laugh as he continued to harness that energy for his magic.

Without him realizing it, Alex stayed there for at least 10 hours controlling the energy and improving his magic.

Until the power finally went out, Alex opened his eyes and was shocked by what he was seeing.

For a second he even checked to see if he had his Sharingan activated, but he confirmed that he didn't, and yet his vision was enhanced to the point that he could see every grain of sand beneath him in enormous detail as if he had with his eyes. Sharingan activated.

The only thing missing was the feeling that he saw time passing much more slowly, but Alex was still satisfied.

Looking ahead, he was surprised again, but this time he noticed that the X-Men were looking at him from a distance with an excited expression.

Despite the distance, Alex could hear Anna saying excitedly. "He woke up!"

Thinking about waving at Anna, Alex raised his hand and was going to swing it while smiling at her, but he was shocked to see the red scales that appeared on his hand.

Confused, Alex put his hand in front of his face and saw that these scales were actually growing from his body!

Just as he thought about getting up, suddenly his body was thrown into the air!

Confused, Alex felt something different on his back, and saw that they were wings! Wings as red as the scales on his hand.

Seeing that he was flying more than 10 meters from the ground, Alex thought about descending calmly and as if he had had these wings for years, he was able to control it with ease to descend slowly.

When he finally reached the ground, Alex heard a worried voice.

"You finally woke up, we were worried."

Looking in the direction of the voice, he saw that it was Jean, who was now awake and with a much more confident expression.

Confused, Alex asked. "How long did I meditate?"

As he asked this, he tried to put his hand in his pocket to get his cell phone, but as he had claws on his fingers, he lacked the grip to get the cell phone out of his pocket, frustrating him.

"I woke up after two hours, since I woke up, you still spent another nine hours meditating." She explained while analyzing his body, especially his wings. "How did you get like this?" She asked confused.

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"Can you take a picture of me with your cell phone? I want to know how I look first." Alex asked as he showed that he couldn't take his cell phone out of his pocket.

Nodding, Jean took out her cell phone, only to find that the cell phone wouldn't turn on, probably due to the high temperature.

Seeing this, Alex shook his head as he looked at the other X-Men. "Why are they so far away?"

Jean laughed. "Aren't you feeling the temperature around us?"

Alex was even more confused. "No, what's wrong?"

For him, the temperature was quite pleasant.

"I think this is your transformation... While you were meditating, the temperature around you rose to over 80 degrees, so only I was able to get close to you to check on you, where they are the temperature is only 40 degrees, um. point where they can stay safe, even though it's still very hot." Jean explained, making Alex nod in surprise but understanding.

Trying something, Alex decided to wish his body back to normal, and to his surprise, it actually did.

The scales on his arms were disappearing, while the wings on his back were shrinking.

Seeing this, Alex made it stop shrinking and quickly flew into the sea water, trying to check on him after asking Jean to tell the other X-Men to wait a bit.

To his surprise, Alex saw that he had the appearance of a dragon!

His were still red, but the sclera, which had previously been white, were now black, the skin around his eyes was completely covered in red scales, while the area around his mouth was still human, but with the skin a little thicker. a little thicker.

Among his white hair, red horns grew, and on his back it was possible to see a large pair of red dragon wings, and to his surprise, even a tail appeared on his waist, which he could control like an arm, just like his wings, as if he had been born with it forever.

Satisfied to see how he was doing, Alex finally deactivated the transformation and returned to his human form.

As he looked at himself in the reflection of the water, Alex saw the scales disappear, the black sclera turning white again, while the wings, horns and tail shrank back into his body, as if they had never existed.

With his appearance back to its original state, Alex finally walked to where the X-Men were, with Jean explaining what Alex said to them.

"So he gained a fire monster transformation because of the Phoenix fire sealed inside you? And his ice magic?" Kitty asked confused as she tried to understand how an ice mage could achieve a fire transformation.

Jean couldn't explain it either, since she didn't even know why he could eat her fire.

"When did I say I could only do fire magic?" Alex asked with a smile as he approached the group.

When Anna saw him, she didn't think twice and ran into his arms, hugging him tightly as she started to cry.

"I thought I was going to lose you…" She said in a muffled voice as she cried and buried her head in his chest.

When Anna touched his skin, Alex didn't activate [CounterSpell] in time and felt a slight shock, with her powers activating on him, but he quickly activated the Skill and deactivated his powers, allowing her to hug him without worrying about hurting him. he.

But Alex was surprised to find that now Anna's powers no longer had as much of an effect on him, as the pain he felt when she used her power on him was much less than when they first started dating.

'Could this be because of my dragon transformation?' Alex thought in surprise.

Not only was he surprised at this moment, the Phoenix within Jean was also shocked.

Although Jean and the other humans did not recognize what Alex had become, she, as one of the first beings in the universe, clearly did.

'Is he a dragon…?' She thought in shock as she thought of the only dragon she had ever seen.

The heroic image of that red dragon she met billions of years ago, despite time, has never been erased from her mind.

Unfortunately, she had only seen that dragon once as he passed through this universe, never to see him again.

When she saw the changes that were happening in Alex's body from Jean's vision, Phoenix was shocked to see Alex's similarities to that dragon she saw.

It was clear that Alex was just a baby dragon at that moment, but it was still enough to shock Phoenix to the extreme.

So, with her interest in Alex even greater, Phoenix decided that she would observe this dragon human with even more intensity, as the secrets he had were very interesting to her.

Chapter 170: Dragon Form
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