Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan
Chapter 775: Kaiju Battle


Seeing Garaga coming towards him, Gamabunta prepared to resist, however, something he didn’t expect happened, midway, Garaga changed his course and launched a surprise attack on OkinaButa with his tail.

With a whistling sound, Garaga’s thick tail swiftly struck OkinaButa, causing the wild boar to collapse to the ground with a rumbling sound.


“Wha–…?!” exclaimed Neji. He didn’t expect Garaga to be so cunning that he would suddenly change the target from Sasuke and Gamabunta to him and OkinaButa.

Having dealt with one target, Garaga laughed out loud, “Hahaha… that’s one! Now it’s your turn toad!”

Gamabunta didn’t seem to be surprised, he drew out his Tonto and warned Sasuke, “Be careful Sasuke!”

“Got it!” nodded Sasuke.

Just as Sasuke nodded, Garaga twisted its body, preparing to attack the two. However, before he could, OkinaButa–who had collapsed–suddenly stood up as if nothing happened and opened its mouth wide open with the intention of biting off Garaga’s tail.

Feeling threatened, Garaga hurriedly leaped backward, and looked at the wild boar with a shocked expression, “This boar…!”

Garaga was really surprised that his attack didn’t do a thing to the boar, what’s more, troublesome is that not only did the boar seem unaffected by his attack, but it even tried to eat his tail, if Garaga was a moment too slow, his tail would have been torn off by the boar.

Even Gamabunta was surprised, and muttered, “It’s not just a boar with thick skin!”

Now both Garaga and Gamabunta were vigilant of OkinaButa as well.

OkinaButa snorted heavily as hot steam blew out of its nostrils, and then it kicked its hooves and charged toward Garaga, intending to tackle the giant snake with its huge body.

Despite its humongous size, OkinaButa moved swiftly and quickly closed the distance between the two. But Garaga seemed to be slightly faster, and more experienced, he flexibly avoided OkinaButa’s charge by leaping to the side, and after that, he sprayed out a greyish fluid toward both the enemies.

Sensing the rich natural energy in the grey fluid, Gamabunta knew that it would be foolish to resist it, and immediately leaped into the air as he instructed Sasuke, “Sasuke, use your strongest Fire Style Jutsu!”

Sasuke nodded, and after quickly weaving the hand signs, he exhaled a giant fireball, ‘Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!’

At the same time, Gamabunta also puffed its cheeks and sprayed out a huge amount of toad oil, ‘Toad Oil Bullet!’

The toad oil fuelled the great fireball, increasing its size and heat as it transformed into a Jutsu of much greater power and area of effect, ‘Fire Style: Toad Oil Majestic Fireball Jutsu!’

The ‘Toad Oil Majestic Fireball Jutsu’ seemed like a small sun as it turned everything in its path to pure ash and rushed toward Garaga and OkinaButa.

Feeling the heat of the Fireball, Garaga knew that he had to avoid the attack. He twisted his body, and retreated far away, as he looked at the soon-to-be miserable wild boar with a cruel smirk, and thought, ‘I suppose I won’t mind eating a cooked wild boar.’

Gamabunta looked pitifully at the wild boar, as he thought, ‘It can’t survive this.’

The reason behind such a thought is that, unlike him and Garaga, OkinaButa didn’t choose to retreat, so now the wild boar has to deal with attacks from both sides. On one side was Garaga’s petrifying Venom, and on the other side was Sasuke’s fireball that was fuelled by his Toad oil. Surviving such an attack is not possible even for him, let alone for a wild boar of unknown background.

Everyone thought that this time the wild boar would not be able to survive, however, something they didn’t expect to happen, happened again, rather than choosing to dodge the two attacks, OkinaButa heavily stomped on the ground and as it did that, a bluish chakra spread out from his body, instantly covering several hundred meters around him.

The area that was enveloped by the chakra started to change under its effect. The people inside the area felt something heavy grabbing them and pulling them towards the center against their will. It was like a strong attractive force that pulled everything towards it. The lighter the object, the weaker the force of attraction it felt, and the heavier the object, the stronger the force of attraction it felt.

Gamabunta and Garaga, being the heaviest targets to experience the force of attraction felt their body sink and get pulled towards the boar irresistibly.

“What the hell is happening?” exclaimed Gamabunta and Sasuke as both of them were dragged towards the giant fireball of their own making.

“Damn, what kind of Jutsu is this!?” – Similar doubts appeared in the mind of Naruto and Garaga as both of them were forcefully dragged towards the same fireball.


Hokage Building

While processing the documents, Sandaime suddenly felt an unusual golden light coming through the window and raised his head with a frown. He looked through the window and was taken aback upon finding that the Sun that had set a while ago seemed to have risen again, turning the sky bright at night.

“That is…!” muttered Sandaime in shock as he realized what the new sun is.


Suddenly, an explosion occurred that shook the entire village, even the Hokage Building wasn’t spared as it trembled lightly.

After resisting the impact, Sandaime anxiously looked toward the source of the explosion and asked the Anbu stationed in his office, “What’s going on?”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The captain of the Anbu Squad appeared in Sandaime’s office and answered his doubts, “Hokage-sama, a fierce battle seems to have broken outside the village, I have sent a squad to investigate, we’ll soon have answers.”

Sandaime pondered over the captain’s words, then shook his head, “The degree of battle seems to be too much… I am afraid that I must go see this myself. Send people to find Kakashi, Tsunade, and Jiraiya.”

The captain nodded, “Very well.” And after instructing a few Anbu to complete Sandaime’s task, he followed Sarutobi.

At the same time as Hokage, other Kages also felt the inexplicable tremor.

Gathering at the meeting hall, Tsuchikage Ōnoki pressed his hand on the wall, after feeling the tremors in the ground, he said, “The source of the tremor is large-scale ninjutsu. Someone is fighting nearby… and the movements they are making are not small.”

Kazekage Pakura wondered, “Konoha seems to have been attacked… the question is… whether the attacker is Shimura Danzo… or is it the Akatsuki Organization…?”

Mizukage Yagura said, “It can be something else as well.”

“Only one way to find out.” Said Raikage as he walked out.

The other three Kage glanced at one another, and after a nod, the three of them followed the Raikage.

Regardless of the identity of the attacker, they must assist Konoha in defense, because if something happens to Konoha, the era of five great shinobi villages will come to an end. And no one wants such a thing to happen.

Chapter 775: Kaiju Battle
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