Each One’s Perspective on Horses

The Clan Chiefs’ meeting was going to take place in the Southern Capital of the Equestrian Kingdom, which was a relatively short distance of two days on horseback from the Fire Clan’s secret village.

Normally, Mia would have ridden in a carriage, dozing off and proceeding leisurely. However, this time, she decided to head there on horseback deliberately, thanks to Malong’s suggestion.

“The people of the Equestrian Kingdom think that Princesses from foreign countries do not ride horses. I think that just by riding skilfully, your evaluation will greatly improve.”

I see. Well, it might be a good idea to get a little exercise in preparation for eating a lot.

Thought Mia, and quickly agreed to the suggestion.

After all, it was a gathering of the Chiefs of all twelves clans. So, Mia was convinced that delicious snacks would undoubtedly be served. In order to enjoy something delicious, it was best to earn some goodwill beforehand.

The one who undertook the duty of being Mia’s guard was Aima. It was her way of expressing gratitude for all the effort that Mia was taking for the sake of the Fire Clan.

Hmm. However, as I thought, Aima-san seems to be feeling a little down.

Mia snuck a glance at Aima, who was riding a horse next to her.

Ever since leaving the Fire Clan village, Aima-san doesn’t seem to be doing that well for some reason. No, actually, if I think about it properly, ever since the meeting with Elder Roufa, she seems to be a little subdued. Be it Rafina-sama or Aima-san, did they end up eating something bad? However, if that were the case, then it is strange that there’s nothing wrong with me. Especially since my stomach is supposed to be extremely sensitive and delicate…

The condition of Mia’s stomach was exceedingly good again that day thanks to the yoghurt procured by Anne.

Well, setting that aside, if Aima’s mood does not improve, I might end up getting depressed too.

So that was why Mia decided to bring up a topic that might improve Aima’s mood.

Naturally, the topic was…

“By the way, Aima-san, that horse of yours is quite magnificent.” said Mia as she looked at the black horse that Aima was riding. It was not flattery but her honest opinion.

It had a lean, finely-tuned supple body that would not lose even in comparison to Kuolan. Strong legs that hit the ground with power, clear eyes that looked straight ahead. The glossy black coat was proof that the horse was greatly cherished and well taken care of. Its most distinctive feature was probably the white snout, which seemed to stand out like a light against the black coat that resembled the darkness of the night.

“By any chance, is that a Moonhare?”

Aima smiled broadly at the question.

“As expected of Princess Mia. You truly have a discerning eye for horses. This is one of the most treasured horses of our Fire Clan. This horse is the sibling of big brother Maku’s favourite horse, Eirai. Its name is Keirai. It is a purebred Moonhare, a traditional horse of the Equestrian Kingdom whose bloodline can be traced back to the era of our ancestor, Ka Seima. There is even a historical song dedicated to the pedigree of this horse.”

Mia smiled a little on hearing Aima begin to speak with such enthusiasm in a cheerful voice.

Hmm, I am glad that she seems to be feeling better. As I thought, this is how I expect Aima-san to be, otherwise, even I would start to feel a little out of sorts.

Just as Mia was starting to feel satisfied with herself,

“So, won’t you ask the question?”


Unexpectedly, Aima was staring at Mia with a serious expression on her face.

“Ask you what?”

“Something like why don’t you sell this horse for money? Will you not ask me why I don’t exchange it for food?”

Aima said as she gently stroked Keirai’s neck.

“For us, descendants of Ka Seima, a horse is both a friend and family. However, the clan is facing an existential crisis. I have been told that maintaining such a fine horse, in times of a crisis, is a luxury, even selfish. However, I… ”

Said Aima with a painful expression on her face.

“Oh? I don’t think that’s the case at all.”

Mia said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I mean, selling the horse is out of the question.”

That was obvious to Mia.

I see. Certainly, selling the horse to get food would enable one to avert disaster for the moment. However, that would still be only a temporary solution, a makeshift measure. The money obtained from selling the horse would soon run out, and the food bought would wind up in the stomach. What do you do when your stomach is so full that you find it troublesome to move, and disaster strikes? You can’t escape without a horse!

And therefore, Mia thought, ‘The horse is a means of escape that should be kept at hand always until the very end.

Therefore, Mia said, “The horse is the only one that can take you to the farthest of places. It would be a shame to let go of it. I think it is good to believe that at the time of death, your horse should be by your side.”

Mia’s firm belief was that you should not give up trying to escape until the very last moment! That was something she would never waver on.

On hearing that, Aima opened her mouth wide in surprise, but soon burst into laughter.

“Hehehe, that’s right. That is absolutely right. That surprised me. I’m impressed, Princess Mia understands horses even better than the people of the Equestrian Kingdom.”

Aima chuckled for a moment and then shook her head.

“As expected of someone I consider my friend.”

“Is that so? I’m glad to hear you say that.”

And Mia thought, ‘Perhaps I was being evaluated, but I don’t really understand. Well, if Aima-san has regained her good mood, then that’s all that matters.

Whether or not he knew what was going on between the two of them, the horse that Mia was riding, ‘East Wind’ a.k.a. ‘Tofu’, let out a soft yawn.

It was truly a peaceful scene.

Chapter 558
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