Taming The Villainesses
Chapter 208.2

(EP-208.2) Summer #6

208 – Cold Summer #6

“This is a story about a man who moved. On the day of the move, he was too tired from unpacking to notice anything. But on the second night, at midnight, the man noticed someone standing in front of his door.”


I felt Mirna listening to my story with rapt attention.

“… At first, it was faint. But when he listened closely, he could hear footsteps outside. Thud, thud, thud. It slowly moved towards the door. The man asked who it was, but there was no response. Eventually, after a moment of silence, the footsteps started fading away….”

I mimicked the sound of footsteps, making them louder when approaching the door and softer when moving away.


Finally, I made the sound as small as a whisper. Mirna was also listening intently, to the point of holding her breath.

Then, I pulled out my secret weapon.

“When suddenly, waaaagh—!”


Mirna screamed in surprise. Tension had been building up for a while, so when I suddenly made a loud noise, she was genuinely startled.

“Theo Gospel! You scared me!”

To be honest, it was quite funny.

“That’s the end of the tale. It’s also a classic one as well. Mirna-nim, you should use it on someone else later.”

“… Hmph.”

Mirna turned her head away like she was sulking. Thanks to this, there was a brief silence between us. It was very quiet. No sound could be heard from the outside.

I then asked.

“Is it over now?”

“Well, I’m not sure…”

Mirna’s gaze was fixed on the candles.

Then, one by one, the candles lost their fire and went out. Could this be a sign of ghostly activity or something ominous?

“The candles are out.”

“Calm down. It’s just because of the lack of oxygen. It means it’s time to go outside.”

Dolgeok, giiiik.

Mirna got up and opened the door. As we slowly stepped outside, we were greeted by the bright sunlight streaming into the corridor and the peaceful chirping of birds.

* * *

“Geuaoo, help me, help me…!”

Many people were floundering on their stomachs in the corridor and garden. They all looked scared out of their wits, with some even wetting their pants.

“Did anyone die?”

Seeing everyone seemingly fine, I asked Mirna to which she simply shrugged.

“There’s no need to kill them. But still, it’s fortunate for these people that it was me, not Narmi, who was on duty when they invaded the mansion.”

“… Does Narmi-nim kill intruders?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t want to know.”

Surprisingly, Narmi seems to be the unforgiving type towards enemies.

So, we gathered the intruders in one place and securely tied their arms and legs.

We also didn’t forget to remove their masks. The most surprising thing was that they were all young women, who just entered their twenties.

So young, in fact, that they could be called girls.

And in common, each of them had a spider-shaped brand somewhere on their body. Tsk-, seeing this, Mirna clicked her tongue.

“Walpurgis, they’re Queen Tarantera’s guards.”

“Then, are you saying they are assassins sent by Queen Aira…?”

“I don’t know. But they only follow the Tarantera Family’s words. It’s not impossible.”

“No way….”

“Well, we need to thoroughly confirm it.”

Mirna asked.

“Do you work for Queen Tarantera?”

“Ugh, the wall, the painting, the painting moved-.”

“Surely, there must be someone in their right mind, right? It would be disappointing otherwise.”

Among the people foaming at their mouths, Mirna looked at a woman who looked relatively composed.

She had black hair like Aira’s, but she looked sharp and had a broad chest.

“Who do you think will speak just because you asked? Only the great Tarantera can ask us questions and receive answers.”

“Indeed, you’ve been trained well as rumoured. But it doesn’t matter. I’ll directly ask your brains, so.”

Mirna mischievously rubbed her palms together. Then, strangely, I suddenly heard the crackling sound of static electricity.

Then Mirna placed her ‘charged’ palms on the woman’s temples. Then the woman’s eyes rolled in a bizarre manner, with veins bulging on her forehead.


“Quite resilient, aren’t you? But can you withstand Mirna’s schizophrenia? Now, let’s start with… Who are you?”

“Geu-ugh, A-Agent A….”

“Agent A. Okay, Miss A. Why did you come to the Draco Family’s mansion?”

“This, mission, order….”

“Mission. An order, huh. So it’s under someone’s order. Whose order was it? From Queen Tarantera?”

Ppudeuk, ppudeudeuk-.

Agent A gritted her teeth as veins continued to wriggle on her forehead. She looked wretched with the blood dripping from her nose and eyes.


Mirna released Agent A from her grasp.

“You put up some good resistance. You’ve received good training. So you’re an elite of the Tarantera Family? Well, even if you’re not, you’ll get there in time if you put in the effort.”

“I h-hate you….”

Mirna chuckled as if she had found an amusing toy. Meanwhile, seeing Agent A trembling uncontrollably, something flickered in my mind.

“May I try?”

“You want to have a turn at this, Sir Theo?”

I’d done my fair share of interrogations. In fact, while I could say that I had some know-how, the simple truth was that I’d got myself a spell effective enough to not require any know-how.

─Mero Mero Beam.

I aimed my wand and casted a spell.

Struck by the purple lightning bolt fired from the heart-shaped tip of the wand, Agent A trembled for a moment before going silent.

“The order….”

Mirna’s eyes slightly narrowed. Did she notice that it was the same magic that almost led to the destruction of her family? To be exact, it was an application of Gamigin. But it felt a bit awkward to use it in front of Mirna.

“… Is that not a shameless spell? Mero Mero Beam. Why the hell do you know such a spell? Are you a pervert!?”

She seemed unaware of what Gamine was. Though the misunderstanding did leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Anyway, that was not important right now.

I looked into Agent A’s eyes and asked.

“Who gave you the order? And what was the mission?”

“Heu, heung, who would tell you that…?”

Agent A said bluntly.

But looking into her eyes, they were clearly pink heart-shaped pupils, suggesting that the spell had worked.

For some reason, when subjected to this magic, everyone would become like this…

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Chapter 208.2
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