Then, with a determined look on his face, he gathered magic power in his right hand.

What he summoned along with that light was the Sword of Three Races Evansmana.

“Hehehe… That’s right. This is how it should be. Have you finally decided to return our god? Now, come and hand it over, Kanon.” (Lycius)

An eerie laugh escaped the Royal Dragon’s mouth. It echoed throughout the cave.

“I think that’s a trap.” Misa said.

“Might be so.” (Lay)

“You might come to regret saving her.” (Misa)

“I’m aware of that too.” (Lay)

Misa smiled softly.

“In that case, don’t hold anything back. And leave the cleanup to me.” (Misa)

A dragon cry resounded.

“What’s the matter, Kanon? If you won’t come to me, I’ll come to you!” (Lycius)

The Royal Dragon lunged his head forward, trying to eat the Sword of Three Races.

When Lay jumped back and dodged him, a huge hole appeared in the platform.

He and Misa followed up by floating away using <Flight Fless>.


With an ear-splitting roar, the Royal Dragon spewed out a breath of pure white light.

He converted the Order of Emotion owned by Enes Ne Mes into magic power using <Sanctuary Aske>, and fired a shot of <Ablaze Light Mortar Sanctuary Teo Triath>.

“I’d say it’s just average.” (Misa)

Lay, who didn’t care, rushed into the breath attack, and Misa coated him in <Four Worlds Wall Beno Ievun>.

Even as the powerful sound of magic colliding with magic rang out, Lay plunged into the dragon’s head.

“Sword of Three Races, First Hidden Art…” (Lay)

As he swung his sword, he nullified the magic power overflowing from his seven sources.

“—Heaven Splitter!!” (Lay)

By the time Lay spoke, countless blades of light had already cut down the gigantic Royal Dragon.

The sacred fate-severing blade enveloped the dragon in holy light.

What emerged from that light was the lone figure of a woman.

She was still sharing the same body as the Royal Dragon.

“Take my hand.” (Lay)

Lay extended his hand to her.

The princess desperately reached out and grabbed his hand.

“I’ll end this tragic fate of yours. It’s okay now. I want you to believe in me.” (Lay)

She nodded quietly.

The blade of the Sword of Three Races turned into light, and Lay thrusted it into her chest.

“…Thank you…” (Princess)

The woman smiled.

She looked really happy.

“Now I can finally go to the gods.” (Princess)

The Sword of Three Races was absorbed into the woman’s body.

“Kh…!” (Lay)

“Goodbye, Hero Kanon. Oh wait, now that you have lost your holy sword, you are nothing more than a mere demon.” (Princess)

The woman’s nails grew sharp.

They resembled a dragon’s claws.

“I shall send you to the gods as well.” (Princess)

She swung her claws like a flash of light.

However, right before she was about to impale Lay’s head with them, her arm was grabbed by a set of slender fingertips.

“How many times are you humans going to betray him before you’re satisfied?” (Misa)

Her jet-black fingers pierced the woman’s chest.

“GAH-HA…!” (Princess)

Misa put a lot of force into them and forcibly pulled the woman’s body out of the Royal Dragon.

“S-Stop this…! Let go of me! I will become one with the Royal Dragon…! I will depart for the gods…!!” (Princess)

“You’re not going to the gods, you’re going to hell.” (Misa)

Coating her hands in <Source Kill Vebzud>, Misa completely destroyed her source.

The princess dissipated into particles of light.


The Royal Dragon swung down his claws with great force, and Rei and Misa retreated into the air.

“Hehehe…I have it now. The Sword of Three Races, the god of Azesion…” (Lycius)

The Royal Dragon completely absorbed the Sword of Three Races, which had been thrusted into him.

Suddenly, his white body began to glow.


The Royal Dragon’s head was split in two.

What slowly grew out of it was a huge horn.

A sword horn that shimmered like metal. Indeed, it was a giant-sized Evansmana radiating holy light.

“…I guess I’ll always be a fool no matter how much time passes…” (Lay)

“Oh? I wouldn’t say that.” (Misa)

Misa smiled at Lay, who was wearing a sad expression on his face.

“We’ve learned that there’s not a single human worth saving down here, and all it cost us was one measly stick. So now we can fight to our hearts’ content, right?” (Misa)

Lay’s eyes widened for a moment, then he nodded.

“You’re right…” (Lay)

He smiled and talked to the Royal Dragon.

“I got it as a present to begin with. If you want me to return it, I will. But even if you borrow the power of a dragon, Enes Ne Mes, or Evansmana, I’ll never acknowledge you as the king of Azesion, Lycius.” (Lay)

Lycius laughed in response.

“You fool. There’s no way I’m going to pay attention to the words of a mere demon who lost the Sword of Three Races. The only reason you were the Hero, Kanon, was because the holy sword chose you. I don’t care about the approval of someone without divine protection like you. God almighty has bestowed royal authority upon me. With my eternal life, I will make the Sword of Three Races mine, and become the true Hero who will rule both the surface and Azesion!” (Lycius)

The Royal Dragon charged forward and attacked Lay and Misa with the Evansmana sword horn.

The moment Lay pulled out a unique sword from his magic circle and crossed blades with it to fend it off, his magic sword was sliced off in a snap.

As soon as Lay flew away and evaded it, the sword horn pierced the wall of the limestone cave.

When the Royal Dragon twisted its body, it sliced the cave wall like butter, causing it to collapse loudly.

“With Enes Ne Mes, the <Sanctuary Aske> spell, the holy water, the variant dragon, and all the sources I have gathered, Evansmana now has far greater power than when you were using it, Kanon! This is the holy sword in all its true glory!” (Lycius)

The Royal Dragon flapped its wings and hovered around the limestone cave.

Then he rushed at Lay by gliding.

“Feel the true holy sword’s power and bow down to the gods!!” (Lycius)

The gigantic Evansmana sword horn was coated in light, and closed in on Lay.

When the latter faced it with his Magic Eyes, he intercepted it with his broken unique sword, Siegsesta.

“Hahaha! You fool! Did you forget that I already sliced that blade earlier?” (Lycius)

“Hmph…!!” (Lay)

Particles of strong light scattered around.

The Royal Dragon’s vigorous flight came to a halt as Lay blocked him.

“…W… What… in the…?!” (Lycius)

Against all odds, the broken unique sword Siegsesta was covered in the light of <Love Sanctuary Teo Aske>, which then took the shape of a blade.

With the tip of his sword, he accurately aimed at the tip of the Royal Dragon’s sword horn and blocked it.

“You brag a lot about that true sword of yours.” Misa said.

At that same time, Misa, who had disappeared using <Illusion Mimicry Lynel> and <Concealed Magic Power Najila>, reappeared in front of the Royal Dragon.

She gently took Lay’s right hand, and together, they held up the <Love Sanctuary Teo Aske> sword.

“But nothing can compete with our love.” (Misa)

The moment she spoke, black lightning shot up around her.

She used the origin spell <Magic Black Thunder Emperor Jirasd> to strike the Royal Dragon’s entire body with lightning.


The dragon faltered as it was struck by powerful black lightning bolts.

At that moment, its giant body was bound by the <Hell Flame Binding Chains Magic Formation Zola e Dypt> spell.

“Misa, match my movements.” (Lay)

“Of course.” (Misa)

The two of them breathed in unison, gripped the <Love Sanctuary Teo Aske> sword, and raised it at the same time.

That sword of light kept growing until forming a long blade.

Through their magic connection, Misa instantly understood what Lay was trying to do.

<Holy Love Sword Explosion Teo Traloth> was a sword that combined two people’s love into one.

However, as the long history of heroes went on, this spell reached a new stage.

Which was the pinnacle of love magic where body and mind united to slaughter the couple’s enemies.

The sword couldn’t be formed unless the two were in sync with each other’s movements without ever being out of tune.

He thought that with Misa, who embodied the legend of the Demon King of Tyranny, he would be able to reach the depths that he couldn’t reach with his feelings alone.

And now, the love between the two burned passionately.

“<Two-Handed Holy Love Sword Explosion Ligaro Tir Traloth>!” (Lay and Misa)

The sword of light in their hands descended on the Royal Dragon’s huge body.

As a follow-up to that sword slash, countless explosions occurred.

They detonated from within the mist armor coating the Royal Dragon— Or rather, from even deeper inside its gigantic body. Namely, the aggregation of sources it had devoured that made up its own source…

“…Im… Impossible…! This can’t be…! I was meant to become the true hero… I’m the Royal Dragon… So how could I lose… to the likes of a mere demon… with no holy sword…?! ” (Lycius)

“It’s simple.” (Misa)

Misa and Lay turn their attention to the Royal Dragon who was being swallowed by a huge explosion.

“A Hero’s true holy sword is nothing like that measly stick. It’s the love in his heart.” (Misa)

As a final blow, the two thrusted their <Two-Handed Holy Love Sword Explosion Ligaro Tir Traloth> sword into the Royal Dragon.


The huge sword of light impaled King Lycius’s source.

“Any god that gets in the way of people’s path to love…” (Lay)

“Deserves to be sliced by love, and explode.” (Misa)

There was a huge explosion. It was so loud that the Royal Dragon was quickly buried under the rubble of the collapsing limestone cave.

Chapter 221.2
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