The Predator’s Contract Partner
Chapter 230: Tpcp 230

Every time Lucerne moved, her bright red breasts ricocheted and rose. The pointed nipples jiggled, leaving an afterimage.

“You have to show your pussy well.”


“How pretty your nipples look when they get bigger.”

Elisha mumbled something. But before she could complete those words, Lucerne bit her soft breast. Like she was a hunted animal, she let out a sound of despair.

‘Why. It’s getting worse… … .’

In the early days of their marriage, she could understand, Lucerne never had a woman next to him like her. She understood that his sexual desire, which he had been suppressing and enduring, had erupted. However, his harsh behavior, which hungered for Elisha and pushed her until he saw her crying in her bed, was getting worse day by day.

“Huh— Ah! Huh… … .”

Lucerne stopped working. Right then, Elisha was experiencing a climax. Saliva flowed defenselessly from the corner of her mouth, and her entire body, starting from her thighs, gently convulsed.

“You came again,”

Lucerne clicked his tongue and noted. As he fucked her, his lower body slowly moved. Elisha felt scolded, and even her ears turned red.

“Oh, please do it now… … . We did it last night too. It’s too hard.”

“We’re going to do it again tonight.”

Elisha was going crazy. They were at the duke’s, not even their capital residence.

“The head of the family… … . Is waiting… … .”

“There’s a lot to be excited about. I told you, just talk about you and me.”

Instead of going all the way, Lucerne changed her posture.

“If you fall, you’ll be punished,”

Lucerne whispered. He laid Elisha’s body on its side. She rested on the edge of her couch, leaning on his arms before falling off.

He put her back on the sofa and laid her on the backrest, hugging Elisha’s upper body in his strong arms. Then he put a hand on one of her knees and lifted it up.

“Ugh, ugh… … .”

This was also her first time doing this. A position in which Lucerne holds her from behind, and she turns her body halfway.

If Lucerne lowered his head just a little, he could have kissed Elisha. And he could caress or bite her ear from behind at any time.

She had to turn her head all the way to respond to the caress. Every time she did that, her upper body grew taunt, and the angle of her lower body naturally adjusted.

“Huh, ah… … . Yes…Oh … . It feels strange… … .”

Slap. Slap.

Elisha gasped. A calm pleasure hit her from behind, her smooth back pressed against Lucerne’s abs. His sweat rubbed against her wet skin.

“Huh, ah… … .”

Because of his steady pounding, Elisha’s insides suddenly started gushing out water. In addition, her insides became increasingly hotter, and her mind became hazy. Her hot inner walls surged as if alive. And it kept contracting and relaxing again and again.

Her upper body kept almost falling to the floor. Lucerne clicked his tongue, put his hand under her waist, and pulled her close.

“Huh—oh… … .”

A tingling sensation as if an electric current was flowing, and the shock rushing deeper into her lower abdomen flashed before her eyes.

“Hold it well.”


He held Elisha’s head in his hands.

Pound, pound.

Elisha’s body trembled as his genitals hammered into her two or three more times.

“Huh, ah, ah… … .”

It was so violent that not only her hair but her entire body shook with force. She could feel the jingling vibration in her lower abdomen.

His erect pillar, which had been running wildly inside her body for such a long time, plunged even deeper.

“Uh, uh, ah… … .”

After a prolonged heat, he exploded. Thick, gooey semen gushed out between where their sex organs connected. A round stain of their liquids appeared under the expensive navy blue velvet sofa, after it poured and ran down.

Elisha frowned. Her whole body was exhausted.

“I think you sprayed more than me,”

Lucerne whispered as if he was having fun.

“That’s true, if you do it hard for that long, it’s understandable.”


Elisha clawed at his arms, which held her tightly like a tree trunk. That tingling feeling also became a strange stimulus. Lucerne grunted under his breath as he kissed Elisha’s lips from behind.

Chu, slosh, kiss—

“Huh… … .”

She squinted. Lucerne’s lips fell only after her mouth was flushed red. Elisha rubbed the corner of her mouth.

“When kissing… … . I told you not to bite… … .”

“Now I give orders.”

Lucerne raised his upper body. Beads of sweat rolled down her dynamic, muscular, perfectly toned body.

Elisha looked at that and felt sweet saliva gathering under her tongue. She felt an explicit pulsation of a virile woman. She had an instinct that all humans feel.

“The duke told me to be careful. Gaju will wait.”

Since she met the patriarch every day, he noticed. Lucerne was calm.

“Then does the Head think that you and I close the door every night, hold hands, and sleep? If we’re late, he’ll think we’re doing that.”

“… … .”

Elisha glared at him silently. Lucerne laughed.

“Open your legs.”

He said as he adjusted and collected her clothes. Elisha hesitantly and reluctantly spread her legs.

Originally, this afternoon, she was scheduled to go shopping with the Lord. Lucerne suddenly came in as she was grooming while waiting for her appointment. Instead, they had a hectic lovemaking affair, with his body completely overlapping hers.

‘Looking at all the preparations, you were determined.’

When they opened the door to the couple’s living room allotted to them, there was a silk towel and a silver basin filled with cooled water on a small table in front of the door.

Lucerne wiped Elisha’s body with a wet silk towel.

When the wet silk touched her heated skin, it was so strange that it was killing her.

Chapter 230: Tpcp 230
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