The Predator’s Contract Partner
Chapter 231: Tpcp 231

“Huh, just wipe it… … ungh… … . Lucerne,”

Elisha said, holding his hand.

“What can you do when your body feels so good?”

“It’s not like that… … . Haah… … .”

It was soon time to meet the head of the family. Because time was limited, Lucerne wiped her body with a wet silk towel. Elisha stumbled and got up.

“We don’t have time.”

Elisha also helped him clean his body with the finest silk and picked up and straightened their clothes.

“So, don’t do it until you meet the lord,”

Elisha was muttering quietly in the meantime. Lucerne laughed.

“You actually like it when I tease and bully you.”

As she touched his sleeve, Elisha thought that their relationship had been the most peaceful since their marriage. He was right. These days, Lucerne was mischievous enough to where it could be enjoyed.

As for the main culprits who ruined their lives….

Jacob had gone to work far away as if he had been kicked out of the duchy. Carola was exiled and in a terrible state. And Carola’s minions were forced to work in the laundromat. On top of that, Zain was missing.

This situation gave Elisha the first ecstatic feeling of liberation in her life. Sometimes, she found her thoughts and feelings softened.

But that peace was almost over.

“Jacob will be back soon,”

Elisha said indifferently.

“Yes. Now it’s a real war. Take care of yourself.”

“What’s different from usual? Jacob has always been our enemy.”

“It will change,”

Lucerne stated.

“Now the head of the family will start caring for his grandchildren.”


“The High General and his wife enters.”

Elisha and Lucerne headed to the hall where they had promised to meet the head of the family. The Duke’s house was very old, so each building was not very large. However, because each building had a different purpose and was located far apart, even family members often had to make appointments to see each other.

They decided to meet today in a beautiful villa next to the Duke’s Castle. It was often a place used by the Head to entertain suitable guests.

Elisha and Lucerne were wearing matching black dresses and dark suits.

She had her makeup done and her long blonde hair well-groomed and hanging behind her. She looked proud, wearing a silver hair band and bracelets on her arms, giving off a dignified and natural countenance of someone who had reigned in the castle for a long time.

The door opened. The workers waiting near the door greeted them in turn. It was a long procession.

“Welcome, the patriarch is waiting for you,”

Gail said politely as he came over.


On the stage of a small theater, a beautiful singer slowly played the lute. It was a very old, ancient lute that was no longer used.

Singers who could sing ancient language chants were extremely rare, and a high price had to be paid to invite them. But no one paid attention to the singer.

While the performance continued, the auction staff brought in items one after another. Soon, the room was filled with enormous and rare works of art and jewelry.

This was before this year’s auction began in earnest. The auction house collected treasures and works of art for a year. The items were hand-selected by the auctioneer and brought to the Cartier Duchy first before the rest were displayed to others.

Gaju used to quietly select his collection like this during this period. This year, Lucerne and Elisha were also present.

The Head looked at Elisha. He was satisfied with Elisha’s elegant appearance.

“Lucerne, I think your wife has the talent of being like water. It’s not a bad thing to say, so don’t make that face. A child like Elisha, like water, changes her stance and her appearance seamlessly no matter what container she is put in. She can change in such a short period of time that sometimes you can’t recognize her.”

“Is that so.”

Lucerne did not like the way the head of the family judged Elisha. But he tolerated it because it felt like a compliment.

“Yes, otherwise, how else would she be able to sit among all these gorgeous things without being overshadowed? When Elisha first appeared in our family, she was young and delicate. She was even shabby back then. Now, it’s evident she is of a prestigious noble family. She’s truly of outstanding skill.”

“Thank you. But I grew up frugal,”

Elisha answered before Lucerne could say anything.

“That’s what it means to be born of noble fate. No matter how poor you may have grown up in a rundown monastery, there is always something called destiny that people are born with. It seems that fate has led you to our family.”

Elisha wanted to burst into laughter at the patriarch’s words. She recalled herself during her last life. A hideous, scarred woman with burns on her face. Didn’t Gaju describe her as such?

At the time, the Head had recognized Elisha’s abilities but was not treated equally with other talents. He said he could not use Elisha because she was mentally unstable, but she thought it was just an excuse.

‘What if I looked like a normal person? If so, would they have used me and abandoned me back then? What a great family. You can change fate at will.’

But Elisha didn’t show it. Gaju slowly looked around.

Chapter 231: Tpcp 231
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