Not Like That [Part 2]

After the large, cat-like beast lightly sniffed the prey (king) it killed, it continued to open its mouth and bite the king just like that.

“ “ “AAHHHHH!!!” ” ”

Seeing the king’s body was about to enter the beast’s stomach whole without leaving a single bone out, the knights and hunters let out desperate screams.


The beast tilted its head at the screams and turned to look at where the knights and hunters were standing.

The cat-like cry and gesture might normally look cute…

But the one in its mouth was the king’s dead body.

The sparkling golden eyes were looking straight their way.

“ “ “EEKK…” ” ”

They now understood more than anything how a mouse felt when being eyed by a cat.

*gulp…* They unconsciously swallowed their saliva out of nervousness, but they were afraid that even their gulping sound might provoke the beast.

(After the king, we’ll be next… right.)

They were once again convinced after meeting its gaze.

That they were no match for this beast.


At that moment, an airy, carefree voice that didn’t match the situation entered the ears of the knights and hunters who had prepared themselves to make a move.


As if drawn by the happy-go-lucky voice, the cat’s gaze shifted away from the knights and hunters and moved further behind them.

“ “ “!” ” ”

(The place the cat-like beast’s gaze moved to is…)

The knights and hunters gasped and put themselves on guard.

Behind them was His Highness Edward.

The Stuart brothers and Arthur of House Bell were guarding him, but they would surely not be able to do anything in the face of that beast.

For that was a beast that made the rampaging king a dead man as easy as killing an insect. Now that the king was dead, they must never let even the prince be eaten by the cat too.

The knights and hunters turned around alertly to ask the prince to run away.

“ “ “Your Highness, please run quickly—… HUH!? Why is Lady Emma here—!?” ” ”

Rather than the Stuart brothers, Arthur of House Bell, or Prince Edward, the one standing in the very front was Lady Emma Stuart, who wasn’t supposed to be in the forest.

Moreover, she was waving her hand with an ear-to-ear smile.

“How come you are here… No, wrong, that’s not Lady Emma! That’s an angel!”

“*gasp!* I see, an angel! Which means this is heaven. So we all have been devoured silently by that beast before we knew it…”

“Oh, the angel looks exactly like Lady Emma, huh? See, even the scar on her right cheek is identical… And at the back, I seem to see angels who look exactly like Lady Francesca, Lady Marion, and the twin young ladies of Simmons…”

Noble young ladies couldn’t possibly be here in the brutal forest depths with monsters, much less standing there with that bright smile.


“ “ “Woah!” ” ”

Right when the knights and hunters were trying to reason with themselves, the beast let out a cat-like cry and dashed towards the angel that looked like Lady Emma Stuart with the king still in its mouth.

It all happened so fast that no one could react.

The beast moved before the angel and slowly put the king it bit on the ground.

“Ah… Ahhh… That angel is going to be eaten by the beast…”

“It put down His Majesty because it wants to eat the angel first… huh?”



After the beast put the king down, it sat before the angel quietly in a well-behaved manner.

“There, there. Good job! Thank you, Koumei-san.”


“ “ “…Eh? EEEHHHH!?” ” ”

Of all things she could do, the Lady Emma lookalike angel hugged the beast. She hugged the beast so tightly that they could almost hear a squeezing sound, and she was buried in the beast’s soft-looking fluffy fur.

Chapter 349
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